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The hot new gay ski weekend

The LGBT community is constantly looking for the new, now, and next in life, pop culture, music, film, art, television, experiences and events. It’s because queer people crave innovation and have a zest for life. If you are one of those queens longing for the next hottest thing before it even becomes mainstream, then you can start with the best gay ski weekend. A fabulous gay ski weekend awaits in the Thompson Okanagan at Sun Peaks Resort, March 1 - 3, 2019: Peak Pride Sun Peaks.

If you’ve never experienced a gay ski weekend, you are missing out on a queer rite of passage different to the typical pride, circuit, EDM or club events. Ski weekends are a great opportunity to meet new friends because they offer more social atmospheres and events than their aforementioned counterparts. A little bit of sport combined with several queer / LGBT-inclusive parties and events allow you to mix and mingle with queens and kings from all over the world. It’s fabulous! There are networking events throughout the weekend, cheeky to couture snow gear and outfits, breathtaking scenery, incredible food, welcoming people, 5-star service, and a hellova good time at gay ski weekends. They bring together different facets of the queer community that other events and gatherings don’t compare to.

Photo credit:The Homoculture

Photo credit:The Homoculture

Now in its third year, due to its immediate growth in popularity, Peak Pride is expanding its gay ski weekend program to include a second resort. Sun Peaks Resort located near Kamloops, British Columbia, within the Thompson Okanagan region, is the new ski weekend event every queer person will want to attend.

Peak Pride is the only dual-mountain gay ski weekend in Canada! People come from all over North America to attend this growing event, especially gays from the Okanagan, Vancouver, Calgary, Seattle, and San Francisco. Peak Pride Sun Peaks is a new event that is hitting the radar of the LGBT community - especially snow bunnies who are looking for fresh new experiences.

Peak Pride Sun Peaks has a fantastic queer ski weekend planned for their inaugural event. Starting Friday, March 1, the Sun Peaks Grand Hotel lobby will invite guests for the mx Welcome Reception from 6-8pm. Nearby Morrissey’s Public House will host a queer comedy night at 9pm.

Photo credit: The Homoculture

Photo credit: The Homoculture

Soak in all things gay at the Pride Mountain Parade starting at 2:30pm on Saturday afternoon, and then head down from some après ski at The Bottoms Après, held at the Bottoms Bar and Grill (you can’t make these names up) from 3pm-6pm.

A new event just added to Saturday’s schedule is the wipeOUT party. Held at Masa’s Bar & Grill, wipeOUT will have drag queen performances and live DJ-spun music to dance to from 9pm until doors closed. This is the party to shake your tail feathers at and burn off some of that après-ski consumption. Sunday, Sun Peaks Grand Hotel will host a farewell brunch at their Mantles Restaurant from 10am-12pm, finishing what will be a fab, fun and very gay ski weekend.

Don’t think for one second that Peak Pride Sun Peaks won’t be serving up stunning accommodations, because the Sun Peaks Grand Hotel is one of the most beautiful hotels you will ever visit. A luxury resort hotel, the Sun Peaks Grand offers every single amenity one could possibly think of while on their gaycation: spa, pools, hot tubs, fitness centers, conference rooms—you name it. The rooms are outfitted with the latest, state of the art technology, comforts and stunning design. Located right in the heart of Sun Peaks village, you’re literally in the epicenter of everything for Peak Pride at the Sun Peaks Grand Hotel.

If you’ve never been to the Thompson Okanagan region of British Columbia, Canada, you’re missing out on some of the most beautiful country God herself ever created! Roughly the size of the country of Ireland, the Thompson Okanagan covers 71,000 square kilometers of land, and boasts climates as varied as Canada’s only desert, rainforests, plains and Canada’s tallest mountain within this stretch of the Canadian Rockies. It’s rich diversity and massive size make it flush with life, natural beauty, thriving open communities, rich heritage and of course—the perfect location for a gay ski weekend.

Peak Pride Sun Peaks is the best value when it comes to a gay ski weekend in North America! Come meet new friends, enjoy the famous Thompson Okanagan powder snow (bring your snorkel!) and the charming ski-to/ski-from village. Tickets range from just $7- $129 for all the events all entire weekend. Peak Pride offers a great, affordable gay ski weekend at a fraction of the price of other queer snow bunny retreat getaways.

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