Similkameen Valley: The Hidden Gem

Visit the Similkameen Valley, a unique and hidden region unlike any other in Canada. Whether you’re visiting Keremeos, Hedley, Princeton, or Manning Park, you’re sure to find something that will put you in a state of awe.

Boasting both the Organic Capital of Canada and the Fruit Stand Capital of Canada in Cawston and Keremeos, the area is overflowing with organically produced fresh fruit and unique experiences. The agricultural scene in this region is incredible with many multigenerational farms calling this valley their home. The farmers continue to contribute to the community, and are more neighbours and friends than they are big-company agriculturalists.

Often overlooked because of the Okanagan Valley, the Similkameen Valley’s wine scene is vibrant and unique. Locations like Corcelettes Estate Winery, Seven Stones Winery, Vanessa Vineyard and Rustic Roots Winery & Cidery all have original and different experiences, wines, and tastes. From Seven Stones’ caves to Corcelettes’ view, there’s something for every wine snob and wine rookie alike.

 Though the agriculture and wine are incredible in the valley, that just scratches the surface of what this beautiful region has to offer. The outdoor experiences are top notch on their beautiful stretch of Kettle Valley Rail Trail, connecting them to the rest of the Okanagan. You could also explore the incredible provincial parks like Bromley Rock and the ever-impressive Manning Park and go hiking, paddling, camping, or just relaxing. Finally, the Similkameen River is well known for its fishing, both fly and normal.

Whether you’ve never been to the Similkameen or you live in the area, we encourage everyone to discover (or re-discover) this beautiful, unique and often overlooked region of the Thompson Okanagan. These hidden, vibrant communities are all locally run and supported, and give an honest and real experience of what life in the Similkameen valley is like.



Alastair is a Canadian writer and blogger. He grew up in Oliver and has settled in Kelowna with his wife, Adrienne. When he isn’t typing up a blog about the newest thing in the Okanagan, you can probably find him on a local patio with a cold-brew in hand (either coffee or beer).

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