Peak Pride Big White

Peak Pride Big White is the Thompson Okanagan’s big, inclusive, gay ski weekend

Move over Aspen. Nice try Breckinridge. And you can forget about European Gay Ski Weekend. Now in its third year, Peak Pride Big White Ski Resort in British Columbia is turning up the heat in the winter months by being the hottest queer ski weekend of the year. Period. Hot, new, fresh and exceedingly welcoming, Peak Pride Big White, held April 5-7, 2019, is the ski weekend meant for the LGBT community longing for the next best rainbow winter getaway.

Unlike its newly minted sister, Peak Pride Sun Peaks, that just held their inaugural gay ski weekend, the third annual Peak Pride Big White provides an exceptional ski weekend for the LGBT community. The second biggest winter pride in British Columbia, Peak Pride Big White is solidifying itself as a fixture of the queer calendar.

Peak Pride Big White Photo credit: The Homoculture

Peak Pride Big White
Photo credit: The Homoculture

Gay pride and gay ski weekends in smaller regions are becoming an important part of the queer movement for recognition and acceptance—starting at the grassroots level to educate the region on gay culture. This builds awareness of the LGBT community, helps break down barriers, makes the community more inclusive and gives the gay community a place to go. For the Thompson Okanagan region, events like Peak Pride Big White increases tourism to the area from other queer communities including Calgary, Seattle, San Francisco, Vancouver and Vancouver Island. These events allow for an opportunity for local businesses to show their support of the gay rights movement.

Peak Pride Big White is competing head-to-head with other gay ski weekends across Canada and the US. Just this past year there were three new gay ski weeks introduced in Canada. The Thompson Okanagan is the only region to host two gay ski weekends. Peak Pride Big White is an incredible value. Big White has incredible end-of-season lift and lodging specials, and event organizers have kept the Peak Pride event tickets incredibly affordable – especially considering the calibre of talent coming for this event, such as DJ DrewG!

DJ DrewG Photo Credit: Rod Spark Photography

DJ DrewG
Photo Credit: Rod Spark Photography

Events like Peak Pride at Big White also provide a platform for local talent. There are plenty of queer artists and performers who benefit greatly from an event on the local scale. Drag queens, for instance, are always looking for new events and bookings to perform. Opportunities like Peak Pride Big White are a big deal for local talent. Outside of Kelowna Pride and FruitCake, there are limited opportunities for these performers to hit the stage and showcase their talents. An event like Peak Pride Big White helps these performers get recognized by other LGBT communities looking to bring in talent from other regions and to find up-and-coming talent. It is important to support local artists and performers.

Peak Pride Big White is boasting all new events for this year’s gay ski weekend, including a fabulous Saturday night party held at an all-new location. San Diego based DJ DrewG, who performs all over the world and has done official remixes for Madonna, Beyoncé, K$sha, Lady Gaga and more will be laying down the beats for the party at Snowshoe Sam’s. With 400 people expected to attend this year’s party - sexy, out and proud DJ DrewG will have revellers dancing the night away.

Peak Pride Big White Photo credit: The Homoculture

Peak Pride Big White
Photo credit: The Homoculture

Think a gay ski weekend is all about skiing or snowboarding? Think again! Sure, the Okanagan has some of the best skiing in the region. But there are also lots of winter activities to enjoy while at Peak Pride Big White. Try dog sledding adventures, snowmobile tours, snowshoeing safaris, tubing and ice skating on Canada’s highest outdoor, Olympic sized skating rink.

If you’re a snow bunny who’d rather stay comfortable and warm indoors and enjoy the white stuff from the window while in front of a fireplace, there are plenty of activities for you. You can relax in the comfort of your luxury room, pamper yourself in the day spa, workout with state of the art gym equipment, people watch with a hot cup of espresso or hot chocolate from the coffee shops, enjoy world-class culinary delights from esteemed chefs and partake in some of the best après ski. And of course, relax and have brunch with the best of them.

The Thompson Okanagan region boasts some of the richest biodiversity in all of Canada. Within its borders sit its two major geographical features: Okanagan Lake and the Thompson River. Other natural features within the Thompson Okanagan region include Mt. Robson, the tallest Canadian peak of the Rocky Mountains and a semi-desert ecosystem known as the Okanagan Desert and the Nk’Mip Desert. Meanwhile, the snow at Big White has often been called champagne powder for its light, fluffy skiing conditions.

Keep your eyes peeled – you might even catch some drag queens on the chairlift or cruising down the slopes of Big White!

The Thompson Okanagan community has grown increasingly homo-friendly in the last few years, and both Peak Prides are all-inclusive, “everyone is welcome” events. Peak Pride Big White is no exception. Grab your winter jacket, ski suit, goggles and gloves and make your way to the little gay ski weekend that keeps getting bigger and better every year.

See you at Peak Pride Big White, April 5 – 7, 2019!



Brian Webb is a celebrity social influencer, advocate for LGBT rights, role-model for the LGBT community and the winner of the prestigious Mr. Gay Canada – People’s Choice award. Brian has a passion for discovering and sharing special, life defining moments. Originally from the beautiful Thompson Okanagan, Brian is well known for making regular appearances throughout the year at Pride parades, festivals, street fairs, competitions, circuit parties and LGBT-friendly destinations.

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